Since my last client engagement ended in July 2016, I decided to focus my efforts on staying up on the latest developments to best serve the nonprofit sector including specific developments in my chosen fields.  It's a great luxury to be able to continue my education and one which I never take for granted.  So far I've completed the following programs:

  • Interim Executive Director training - Partnership in Philanthropy
  • Capitalizing on Trends in Life Sciences - Business Talent Group
  • 27th Symposium on Healthcare - United Hospital Fund
  • Smarter Cities Developments - Princeton University
  • Social Media conference - Small Business Association
  • BoardCon - NY Nonprofit Media
  • Digital and Analytical Tools for Global Nonprofits - NYU SPS
  • Designing to Improve Peoples Lives - Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian

Participating in these events gets the creative juices flowing.  I always leave with insights to share with my client base and a general feeling that I'm doing good legwork for those who don't have the time to do so themselves.  Happy to share my notes from any and all of these occasions!  Just reach out and we'll connect to do just that...